Thursday, 4 September 2008

Google Chrome pros and cons

Few days ago Google released a new beta open source browser “Google Chrome”. Some people think is another step forward for Google’s dominance on the web, while others advocate that is a visual effort of Google’s gathering of all those years’ latest technological achievements. As a first impression:

I like:

•That is an open source that you can download.

•“Most visited section” where you can have a history of latest pages visited either displayed in small web pages’ images or full history list.

•The comic approach book that describes how Google came up with this browser design.

•The “incognito window feature” where you can view pages without appearing in your browser history or search history, and they will not leave cookies, on your computer.

•The fact that it would make it easier and faster for web developers to test interfaces as they will use a new fast JavaScript engine, called V8.

I do not like:

•The new Url Tabs which are above the address bar, not below (like Mozilla browser). Despite the fact that each tab has its own controls (forward, back, address bar, etc.) I believe it gives a sense of different open browsers open at the same time. However, it is a new user experience that I have to get use to.

•The absence of menu bar at the top. It has only icon buttons that you have to click in order to view the browser settings.

It is soon to say anything more; as we have to wait to see what else Google will reveal for this new browser.

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