Thursday, 31 July 2008

Survey for people who make web sites

I just completed a "Survey", conducted by "a list apart" for people who make web sites. It is for Information Architects, Web developers, Web designers, Project managers, Writers, Editors, Marketers, and everyone else who makes websites.

I strongly recommend you take the survey if you are working in the web development area. It is good to have some statistics of how many people get involved in this area, their qualifications and what is the future progression of our professions.

Before taking the Survey I had a look on the results of last year's Survey and two things made me an impression. The first one is the quite small percentage of women on the web development profession and the quite small percentage of Information Architects. Last year 33,000 took the Survey so maybe this is a reason for the small percentages. I am interested to view this year result.

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