Friday, 2 May 2008

Internet World Exhibition 2008 - Earls Court London

The company I work for – Persona took part in the Internet World Exhibition. As a result, I had the opportunity to participate for the first time in an exhibition as an exhibitor. In the image 2 underneath you can view Persona’s exhibition stand which uses the metaphor of the London tube map. Four screens were attached to the main four stations – divisions of the company which are Digital Creative Media & Experience. As an Information Architect, I was one of the representatives of Experience division. This exhibition was a nice opportunity for networking with other marketing and digital agencies as well as for people to come and learn what we do and how we can help with their work. Furthermore, a lot of seminars were going on throughout the day. I had the chance to attend one, “Persuasive Design - a new take on usability: just because people can, doesn’t mean they will” presented by Elisa Del Galdo.

Image 1. Earls court, London – Outside the exhibition

Image 2: Persona exhibition stand

Microsoft, IBM, and Webcredibles were among the companies having stands in Internet World Exhibition. In case you are interested to know which companies participated in the exhibition, you can visit the internet world website. It was really encouraging that most of the people I had the chance to speak with, were either web developers or company owners that do not have user experience section and were willing to know more about this area, in order to improve their products. I had also the opportunity to see other agencies that specialise in usability, information architecture, improving user experience, which proves the continuously growing necessity for usability tests.

Image 3: Microsoft exhibition stand

Image 4: An extraordinary exhibition stand from data partnership company

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