Wednesday, 2 April 2008

IA position on Web Design

Reading a User Interface Design Update Newsletter from Human Factors International today, and following one of the attached links I came across this design. I found it interesting as it clearly indicates the position of Information Architecture (IA) in the Web Design process. According to the figure, Web Design progress has three major steps: a) Research and Planning, b) Conceptual Design and UI Structure and c) Detailed Page Design. In the first step the “Site Strategy” is being formed. Then the second step involves: “Knowing users and their goals”, “Navigation Design” and “Information Architecture”. From my experience, all these three are major responsibility of an Information Architect. However I would be interested to hear different views as well! Finally the third step involves the “Page types” (Interaction Design, Content Design and Presentation Design) which are directly linked to Navigation Design. How the pages will be formed is absolutely depended on the navigation structure. If major changes happen to the Navigation Structure the Web designer will have no other option but redesign the pages.


Peter Chen said...

Hi Marianna,

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Masood Nasser said...


It is a good start. Try to move from the page type to a classification where you set the behavior of the user as the main category. In my sites and lectures, what I do is to classify as "info-upsell, lead user to cart page) type of pages. Our 30 million users stand testimony to that.

Also, please keep writing. You wil get tremendous clarity and d\save a lot of time in the long run

masood nasser