Monday, 18 February 2008

Information Architect position

Recently, as I was searching on the internet for Information Architecture books, I came across with: “The elements of user experience” by Jesse James Garrett. Apart from the interesting table of contents I also read the book’s introduction and a part of it describes my current situation; as I am the first information architect hired recently into the department of User Experience of a marketing and web development agency called “Persona Creative. Jesse James Garrett mentions in his introduction that: In late 1999, I became the first information architect hired into a long-established Web design consultancy. In many ways, I was responsible for defining my position and educating people both about what I did, and how it fit in with what they did. Initially, they were perhaps cautious and a bit wary, but soon they came to recognize that I was there to make their jobs easier, not harder, and that his presence did not mean their authority was diminished.” (Jesse James Garrett, 2002)

So I look forward, through the projects I am involved in, to showing my colleagues (software developers, web designers) how my work is connected with theirs :).


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